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Florian Noetzel Verlage GmbH

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Complementing the publishing activities of the “Heinrichshofen- Books” publishing company, the publishing company “Ars Musica” was founded by Florian Noetzel senior, a direct descendant of Baron Wilhelm von Heinrichshofen in the year 1986.
The production and publishing of high-quality sheet music is the core competence of the publishing company. An excellent readability and playability is of utmost importance. The spectrum ranges from classical music to contemporary instrumental and vocal music.


In the domain of music, the publishing company “Heinrichshofen-Books” is one of the most traditional publishing companies within the German- and international speaking areas. Since the year 1797, fundamental editions have been published covering all musical topics.

The publishing house especially concentrates on the production and edition of qualitative and educational premium transcripts, textbooks and bibliographies in the field of ballet, music and theater.


The publishing house “Hera Verlag” was founded by Hermann Huebner in the cities of Berlin and Buxtehude in 1946. It was the first publishing house in the British occupation zone which received a printing license after World War II. During the 1950s, the Hera Verlag with its publication of the “Volksausgaben” [popular editions] was among the best-known book-publishing companies within the German-speaking area. In respect to todays' publications, the publishing work builds on this excellent reputation. The company was acquired in 1967 with the objective of expanding the publishing platform.
The company focuses on fiction, German language and literature studies, history and on nonfiction books, on all topics.